Weddings by Donn

     ...because love is the best gift two people can share

Customer Testimonials 2

Donn made our wedding day more than we dreamed it could be.  It was beautiful and fun for us, and all of our guests. Every last detail was perfect. Donn is an amazing person both professionally, and personally. We are very happy to have worked with him, and we feel truly lucky to know him!  

                                                                   -Jay and Aja; Federal Way, WA


It was the greatest gift to not only have Donn commence our ceremony, but to also know I have a friend helping us along the way!   I've known Donn for many years and when it was time for us to get married, there was no question of who would do it.

From the moment the planning began, 'til the "I do's", Donn not only specialized and created a special ceremony to fit our needs, but also helped in the wedding planning itself.   Neither me nor my husband have ever been to a wedding, let alone throw a wedding, so we had many questions.   It was nice to be able to call Donn and ask advice, and just have moral support through the stressful parts of planning a wedding.

When we would meet and talk about what we wanted in our ceremopny, he took what we wanted and also his knowledge, and made a special ceremony just for us.   This was important because it let us have our very own, which no other would ever have!

In the end, it was absolutely beautiful and the ceremony he presented is one that will last a lifetime for us.

Thank you Donn for everything you have done for us and know we can never truly thank you enough!   We love you!!!

                                                                                                        -Daryl and Christopher Reed

                                                                                                                                         Las Vegas, NV